Tuesday, September 23, 2008

.. the past and pending ..

So I just got back from the park with some new friends I made at Project Church. (Yay for meeting awesome ladies to hang out with!)  Cian was grumpy this morning, but we still had fun. Our low of the day (possibly year)... he ate goose poop. There's a chance it could have been duck. I'm not entirely sure. But it was poop and it was gross. I guess it's all apart of mommyhood... but let's be honest. Ew. EW.  It was a first for us and I didn't handle it well. Seriously gross. Despite that incident... we had a great time. =)

We're all settled into our place in Rapid and have adjusted easily.  Still no leads in the job department, but we're trusting the Lord to guide us in the right direction. Something all of our blogger friends (and real friends) could pray about... Cory has been thinking about finishing up his elementary ed. degree!  We met with an advisor at BHSU and are seriously considering it, so pray for guidance and wisdom with all that is going on in our lives. Gracias.

The baby bump is growing! I feel massive. I AM massive. But I guess that's how it goes when your pregnant. Ha! I've been having some horrible migraines and had to be put on new medication for them. Just seems to be one thing after another... but such is pregnancy for me. We're excited to see the new little one on the 10th, when we have an ultrasound and will hopefully find out the sex of the baby! It's insane that we're already in week 17.  Love it!

Anyway, thats the mini update from the Church crew!  Hope you all are well. If you read this, you should comment... even if its just "Hi".  We're always curious to who actually reads our blog besides family and a few random friends.  So drop us a note!   =)


Cory said...

man, just sounds funny that way. poop or not, i still think he's the greatest kid in the world (of course quickly going to have "competition")

memepapa said...

That's hilarious and gross! Has he been watching man vs. wild?
Glad to her that the church is what you need and as always prayers for you all daily plus some.
See you soon!

jason said...

I heard about the poopy snack from my little lady. Oh, the joys of parenting. :)

So I'm leaving a note to say hi because you asked. Also, @memepapa must be pretty cool if they watch man vs. wild. I love that show.

peace out.

Autumn Blair said...

always love reading about what's going on in the church's lives. glad to hear everything is going well. hope it continues to go that way. take care. -autumn

Chelsey said...

Hello! We miss you guys way more then we thought possible. Glad to hear that you guys are settling in well. If you guys are in Spearfish, we should try and hook up.
By the way, I still think the women in Spearfish should give you a baby shower...no way should you go without once again.
Love the new pictures of Cian!

kate said...

ew. i hope he doesnt get some disease from the pooh. like giardia or somethin. eck. anyway. i wish we could hang out & watch you go through pregnancy... we have a friend in house church who we have seen the whole 9 months and she is due in 3 weeks. it is so exciting to go through with together.

education is a great field.
i hope cory finishes that & does that!


Anonymous said...

Hi kids,
Been thinking about yous and glad to hear that you are settled in your new apartment. Sorry to hear about the goose poop but you will have many more days of that. :)
Grandpa is doing well. Going to attempt church tomorrow. Healing well but continue your prayers for him as he continues to heal.
Keep in touch. Love reading your blogs.
Love ya all, Grandpa and Grandma Booth

Church Family said...

What's my nephew thinking about eating goose poop? Guess he wasn't thinking :) I love that little boy. I miss him dearly. Hope to see you guys soon. Always thinking and praying for you. Love you