Thursday, September 04, 2008

.. hand in mine ..

Summer is ending.

I've gotta admit, I'm glad.  I love the fall. I love my hoodies. I love wearing hats. I LOVE hot chai. My only wish is that this weather lasted a good 6 months out of the year.  I think that's why I love the Pacific Northwest. (Seattle, anyone?) But seriously... yay for cooler weather, FINALLY.

So some news from the Church clan. We're moving back to my home town this weekend. Rapid City, here we come! We're not crazily excited, we love Spearfish and the cute little hippie town that it is, but things are much more affordable down in Rapid. Like houses. Which we're wanting to get here soon.  We were blessed with a FREE apartment, (thanks, grandma!) so we're able to save a ton.  Pray for Cory as the job hunt has started. And for friends. And for the doctor search (which is on-going).

Something we are excited about... Project Church. It seems to be our heart to a tee. Cory and I are getting together with the Pastor and his wife here sometime in the next few weeks for coffee and conversation. We love what we hear about their hearts. The first 'official' church service will be this Saturday at a local coffee shop. Can I just say YAY for authenticity! We're so stoked to see how Saturday goes and to see the way the Lord will work in the community. It will be so fantastic to meet some like-minded people who love Jesus. And hopefully we will be meeting even MORE folks who don't. Maybe we can introduce them? Gah. I love it.

Anyway, here are a few pics of the little stinker. We went to the lake last week, he loved it. He also enjoyed his first guitar lesson from Daddy.  He's such a honey.



memepapa said...

Always enjoy seeing new updates.
Praying all things will work out in all situations. Glad your excited about your new church---hope it is exactly what you are looking for.
Of course, the pictures of Cian are so cute.
Love you all and see you next month.

Church Family said...

Man I miss that little guy. It so awesome seeing them grow up. Miss you guys, good luck with everything coming up. We are praying for you.

jason said...

so you have a blog? awesome!

well, can i just say that we're very pumped to meet ya'll too. so glad you're moving to rapid city and are excited about project church.

see you tomorrow and i agree, yay for authenticity!

kate said...

wow. moving!

1. i didnt notice spearfish as a hippie town. but i was there in december 06 & i guess it was too cold & no one was outside.

2. i havent been to rapid city that i know of, so i have no idea what it is like.

3. i am glad you are getting plugged in. that is wonderful!

Destri said...


I just met you guys a second on Saturday night. I was the girl with the crazy blonde hair ushering people into Project, Destri is my name. We are super excited to have you guys coming and being part of this awesome movement God is doing in our city. My husband(Jesse) and I would love to get to together with you guys sometime if you are game. We have two little boys(Josiah,Remi) ourselves and one on the way in May. I saw you are looking for a doctor in Rapid, I am going to Marcia Beshara, she is one of the best, and if you would like her number I'd be glad to get it for you. Well looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday again. Sorry we were not able to talk much on Saturday night, chasing babies you know. Well our e-mail is if you have any questions or need help in your moving adventure to Rapid. See you soon...Destri

Anonymous said...

Hi Cory % Shannon &Cian
just read your blog and we are so glad that your moved and are enjoying it and now we are praying that Cory finds a good Job now and then you guys can relax and enjoy the rest of the year being home waiting for the new addition along with Cian. Your in our prayers. Grampa goes in Monday to have his Pacemaker put in this will be a day that I'll be glad when its behind us.but Grampa is feeling a little better but not much strength. and you know thats not Grampa to not be doing something. so be much in PRAYER for him and STICK alittle one for me too. well so glad you got moved and you sound so please about the move. May God Bless you Both in your new Home God Bless your Gramma too for the love she has to let yous get your start for a time, I know that feeling as we have let people live in our home to help them get a start too It bless your heart to help people and love ones. Well said enough for now have a Gret evening Love Ya Grampa & Gramma Booth

kate said...

how r u guys? hows the pregnancy? church?