Saturday, September 27, 2008

.. blindness ..

As some of you know, I spent some time in Indonesia doing relief work with YWAM.  It was an incredible experience. The time I spent in Southeast Asia was probably the most life changing experience to this day. It was also the most heart wrenching, both spiritually and mentally. I learned a lot about the ugliness of this world.  I learned that there are some very good people out there who are combating evil every day. I learned it's very easy to get worn out after witnessing atrocity after atrocity. My eyes were opened and my heart was broken. 

While I was in Bali I saw the faces of young girls (we're talking 7 or 8 year old children) who were being forced into prostitution. Child sex trafficking is a very REAL and dangerous reality in our world. It's a global problem rarely talked about. As HUMANS we should be appalled, as CHRISTIANS we should be brought to action. Their blank eyes I will never forget. Their innocence has been taken. Because of the evil one, they were robbed of any sort of love a child should be shown.  

Cory and I both are VERY passionate about children, especially those who are voiceless. We hope to get closely involved in the future with an organization who gives those children their chance to speak.  In the meantime, we want to bring awareness of the issues that affect these little ones.  One organization is The Blind Project.  The stories they share are exactly the ones I witnessed in Indonesia.  I recommend you all go to the website and read them. Pray for those directly involved in getting these girls out of the situations, pray for the children and for their futures. Pray that through awareness, a real change will happen to end child trafficking.


jason said...

heartbreaking. thank you for sharing.

kate said...

hey love. thanks for sharing something you care for. =)

i didnt know where you served on outreach. that is neat. and i didnt know u went to bali. cool!

i went to bali when i was 11 or 12... it was a vacation though, with the family. but i do remember one night we were in thailand after dinner, walking back to the hotel, and a man came out of the shadows of the street and said to my dad, "i like your daughter". i didnt really get it although i thought it was strange. dad ignored him and walked on & didnt really say anything or explain it.

now, years later, knowing about this stuff, it makes sense. how sick.