Wednesday, September 16, 2009

little blue eyes herself...

Monday, August 31, 2009

..Teagans Journey..

We FINALLY finished a video showing some of Teagans birth... and some tidbits from the past 6 months. Goodness, how time does fly. What a honey we have in her.

A little side note... the home birth part of the video is initially pretty dark because we had the lights dimmed for the actual birth. You can see the flashlight on her for a few seconds though. :) I just wanted the moment that she came out on video...
So that's the story with that.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

goodbye summer...

Again we are slacking in the posting department. Mostly because everyone we know is on Facebook and can see pictures and updates on there. But let's be honest, a ton of our free time has been spent working on my NEW WEBSITE!! Yes, I officially have a Doula website! (Thanks to Cory who is amazing in all things TECH) Click this link to check it out.... And then after you see it, spread the word! Let all your friends and family know that you have a fantastic lead on information for labor support, and send them my way!

We've had a great summer, all in all. The kids are growing like crazy. Teagan is as lovely and sweet as ever. She's getting a lot more mobile and noisy. It's super precious. I still can't get over her red hair and bright blue eyes. She is a daddies girl to a tee. I mean, she is 100% absolutely in love with her daddy. She usually ends up in bed with us at some point during the night... and in the morning I awake with her cooing, rolled over, touching Corys face while he sleeps. ADORABLE. Melts my heart. Cian is becoming more and more of a little boy every day! His curly locks are finally growing back and he's well on his way to have his old hair back. We had someone call him "just a beautiful little girl" the other day? Bizarre. But whatever. I like his curls and won't be cutting them off again anytime soon. Unfortunately he's entering his terrible two stage. Sometimes I look at him and wonder where my sweet, easy going little boy has gone! Glimpses of his sweet self appear at times. It's trying, but we're trusting in the Lord that, 'This too, shall pass.'

Cory and I have had a lot on our hearts and minds these past few months. I can't go into detail at this moment, but am asking you all to pray for us and our little family! For wisdom, peace, provision and clarity in all that is on our plates. We'll probably post about it all soon, but until then... prayers are much appreciated.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doula Doula Doula

So I leave for my Doula Workshop this weekend. Can I just say that I am SO excited to get the ball rolling with this. For those of you who don't know, I've decided to pursue my certification to be a Birth Doula through DONA International. I've become VERY passionate and strongly believe that every woman and their family should have the chance to experience a positive birth experience. It really frustrates and saddens me to see/hear horror stories about birth experiences gone bad. What an incredible BLESSING it is, as women, to experience Childbirth. It's hard work. It's painful. But I truly believe that it can be one of the most exhilarating/positive experience to be had in ones lifetime. Every time I think about opportunity to serve families during this time... my heart just fills with complete Joy. What a huge blessing and privilege to be a part of any woman's birth experience. So if you all could be praying for me, I would seriously appreciate it. After my workshop I've got a whole list of things to complete in order to get my certification. Included in that list is to attend 3 births as a doula. If you know of any families who are looking for support during their births, please give them my name. I'm eager to be there and to offer anything I can.

Also, this will be my first time away from the kids for this long! Ok, so it's only a weekend... but let's be honest, I'll probably cry. I'll miss them. I'll miss Cory. I leave Friday morning and hopefully will get back before midnight on Sunday... hopefully. I'm planning on marathoning it home after the workshop gets done. So pray I stay awake. Ha! Anyway, thanks for all the prayers and I'll keep you all updated on how the process goes.


Found this video. Great information on what a Doula does.

Monday, July 13, 2009

God is enough...