Sunday, August 17, 2008


Our lovely friend Kate brought it to my attention that it's been awhile since we've updated. Sorry to all for the lack of blogging, to be completely honest... I'm just lazy. Ha! No, but really... I am.

So between chasing Cian around and spending my time running to the toilet, (yes... the dreaded morning sickness is back AND severe) summer has flown by. Our plan to spend a summer sick free hasn't gone as planned, obviously. It's been a rough go of it lately, but I'm hanging in there. I'm realizing this go around seems less horrible. Could it be from the distraction of having Cian, or is it a GIRL!? Yeah, we won't know until around November... but we already love this little one more than he/she will ever know! Our last appointment went great. They couldn't hear the heartbeat on the doppler, so we got an ultrasound. Everything about him/her was perfect. They even moved up the due date by a week, which is now March 1st. (Yay for early ultrasounds!)

Some sad news... our wonderful doctor is moving to New Zealand. Not sad for her, obviously we're so excited for her and excessively jealous about it, but we loved her and I'm not looking forward to finding a new doctor. I told Cory we should just pack up now and move to New Zealand with her (since we REALLY want to move there someday anyway). Probably not in the cards yet, but someday. If you all could be in prayer about the doctor search, we would appreciate it. Blah.

Cian is officially recovering from his first illness. We took him to his pediatrician and he had caught some sort of viral infection and had a sore throat and a temp over 102 degrees. Cory was working, so I ventured to the doctors solo. I don't know how much of it was my crazy pregnant lady hormones, or just being a mom... but I was on the verge of tears as she was checking him over trying to figure out what was up. I hate to see the little stinker feeling so pookey. Praise God he's better now and recovering. The new battle... his other top tooth is coming in. He's a bit of a grump today as it's starting to cut. It's been a rough weekend for the little one! Let's be honest, it's been a rough weekend for us ALL.

So here's something unbelievable. Cory and I celebrate our 2 year anniversary in a little over a week! INSANE!! I swear once you get married time goes into overdrive. We were going to go to Yellowstone to do some camping, but because of my feeling gross all the time, we nixed that plan. Boo. We're celebrating this year by going to the Black Hills Playhouse in Custer State Park, and then to dinner at the most amazing steak house EVER. I could live off of their desserts (seriously). Oh so delightful. It will be fantastic to get away for the day and have some quality time together. Cory is truly my best friend and better half. I love him. A lot.


memepapa said...

I love the pictures of our new baby to come and so clear. We are praying for your health, your finding a new doctor-- please don't move to New Zealand! :(
Two years, it does go fast. Kevin and I will be going on 32 years. WOW!!!
We are excited for you and wish you could of gone away but maybe next year. Anyway, have a real good time with the time that you are together celebrating.

Chelsey said...

Love the new pictures of baby Church! Gotta love it when you get a glimpse of your baby in utero.
We'll be praying as you search for a new doctor.

Annie Parsons said...

I hadn't checked in for awhile since you hadn't updated... but I am SO glad to hear that the baby is cooking along (I can't wait to hear in November!), and that you and Cory will get a date for your anniversary.

Seriously, Shannon, the way that you write about your love for your husband and kids is so inspiring to me. I get really jaded by life... you know, drama with guys, and disappointment, and watching friends get divorced, and the temptation to give into the thought that "I'm going to be alone forever - the old lady with cats." Or, even worse, I try to convince myself that being loved and having a family aren't important, and that I don't want those things anyway.

But then I read your words, and hear your genuine love and humility and excitement, and I think, "Yeah. I want that." And I hope again.

So thanks. :)

kate said...

ok good, now anytime i want an update, i demand it in my blog & you will do it! sweet!

thanks for the updates! its the only way we know how u are!

i am sorry morning sickness is so bad.
i am not looking forward to it myself...

but i am so excited to find out if its a boy or girl.

noah & i still dont know when to start ourselves
i was thinking maybe next year end of summer...
so be married at least a year before we start a fam..? who knows. LOVE YOU

kate said...

ok... it's almost 2 weeks since an update!!!