Saturday, July 19, 2008

Long Lost Pictures of Church

Found some pictures. Thought I should get them up. Some are way back from our trip out to Michigan, others are more recent. (top lft) Finally got a shot of Cian's teeth. He's working on more up top. (top rt) I took Cian for a walk and he quickly fell alseep- I guess it was about 8:30pm. (2ndrow lft) Cian now loves riding in the grocery cart, even though I think it's unsanitary.(2ndrow rt) We took Cian up to Roughlock Falls. Last time he was there, he was in Shannon's belly. I think it made him feel relaxed. (3rdrow) He really enjoyed the lights and booms of July4th. (4throw lft) He got it easy at Roughlock; he got to ride while Shan and I had to huff it. (4throw rt) This was way back when we flew out to MI. His first plane ride. He did have his own seat but he didn't sit in it like this. (very bottom) 4th of July Fair- Cian rode the Merry-go-Round with me. He loved it....I think.


Tammie said...

Such a little tike in a big seat. :)
Love his toofy smile. :)
Ride'em cowboy. :)
We love you Cian

memepapa said...

I meant to have that set on meme and papa. Can't wait to see you guys.
I announced in church today that we are going to be grandparents in March. :) Their praying for ya.

kate said...

what if i have a daughter
and what if my daughter marries your son!? hahaha
i think we'd be good inlaws