Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Peaches. My one true craving throughout this pregnancy. I swear he's going to turn into a peach with how many I've been eating. My usual is one a day, but yesterday I had 4 and I'm sitting here with peach number 2 for today. Ha! So funny how something that never really was THAT amazing suddenly can turn into the most delicious flavor your tastebuds have ever touched! Guess there could be worse things to crave...

Little Cian, (pronounced Key-in) for those of you who hadn't heard his name yet, is doing fantastic! He's got the hiccups as I type this and I can't help but smile. Still can seem surreal that Cory and I are going to be parents to this little guy inside of me. I think more than anything I'm looking forward to seeing my two boys together. Cory is going to be such an awesome daddy. Just so blessed. I'm pretty sure Cian has turned and is in position for the birth. His little feet are constantly kicking my ribs and every day they seem to feel stronger and stronger. We start having doctor appointments every 2 weeks... which just makes us excited that the time is approaching! We have an all day birthing class this Saturday at the hospital. Should be interesting! Just another thing to check off the 'to-do list' of things to get done before October. So exciting. =)

The big news here is that we finally found a great apartment!! We've got an amazing 2 bedroom place that we're moving into next week. They're brand-spankin' new. In fact, we're keeping our fingers crossed that they'll be done next week. Super nice place that we'll call home for the next year. We'll get some pics after we get settled in.

Anyway, thats our update! Hope you are well!! Be blessed. (Shannon)


memepapa said...

I have never heard of peaches being craved before. Good choice. Better than dry roasted peanuts which I had and not good for you. :( mom church

katelyn said...

aww.. how exciting! Cian is such a cute name! i love it!