Tuesday, June 26, 2007

:: new things in summer ::

The new business will start soon and much is piling up to do. We're renovating pretty much the entire building down in sturgis, well us and some hired help, and although it's only been one week since closing day, we've got a lot accomplished. It's all very exciting. Here is the logo, name and sign of our company.
Shan and I have been thinking "baby" more so lately, especially since he's 3 months away. With the help of some loved ones, we've been able to gather some really nice baby threads for the little one. We might even post some pictures of our first set and his first set of onesies, hats, and other apparel. Our last baby appointment told us that shannon was right on schedule so everything is looking good. What's the best is when I put my ear to Shannon's stomach I can hear the tike move around and often he will kick me in the face. But i love it and hearing his heart beat so strong as well. It's one of my favorite things...