Tuesday, September 18, 2007

little cian is growing strong and with every [swift] kick, the pain, i'm told, is growing just as well. any day now that passes is just another day closer to the time when he will arrive. maybe it will be on his due date, maybe it will be in the middle of the night next thursday. whenever it will be is a-ok with mom and dad, for we are just excited about his safe arrival. if this were an airplane ride, he would be raising his tray table in its upright and locked position, and heading in for the [descent]. in many ways, those exact terms are used even now. we are more than thrilled about our lives changing in the more dramatic of ways, and we live in a continual state of awe of our love for him, even though we have yet to meet him...


Dynamic Duo said...

Beautiful name..Cian! How are you holding up? We're praying for you and your comfort in these last few weeks. I'm sure you are anxious to have the little guy out by now!
Love you guys,
the forbes

Anonymous said...

Hi kids,
These are exciting times for all of us. Shannon, I know how ya feel. We are praying always for you and the safe arrival of our little grandson. Cory I pray for you as well to be strong for your wife and child and I know you will be a good daddy too.
Can't wait for the arrival!!

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Praying for a safe baby delivery! Only a few more days! Bet you are really ready for the arrival!
Our love & prayers,
Cheryl & Dan

Anonymous said...

Hi Cory and Shannon
I forgot to say any thing about the pictures the baby is so cute and of csurse the Granparents can't be any more PROWD then they look in the pictures Thanks for keeping us up dated on you all Grampa and Gramma Booth