Monday, March 12, 2007

:: Kings, Wings, and [some other] Things...or whatever ::

march 12: almost topped 8o.
hands down, the best day of the year, weather-wise. outside was the name of the game. the wife, the folks, and i played a few rounds of "horse" and some other various court yard games down by the river. and surely the rest of the town was outside with us. it was the perfect opportunity this day to give the old car a good rub down, and so, i ceased it. shan did a splendid job hosing the suds off as i proficiently scrubbed with the sponge. i have to mention that shannon looked radiant in the sun; it could have been her motherly glow (which was a factor I'm sure) but I say she's always radiant. Always. The last two nights it's been in the 5o's, and the other, steaks made it on the grill, and mouths were happy.

march 10..11: the best numbers in entertainment: 300
rated the best movie of the year and engrossed a huge sum this past opening weekend. we saw it twice, the first being an entire family outing, save the kids (& with good reason). one of my favorite cinematographic movies ever. truly an awesome flick.

march "whenever": tomorrow's going to be just as warm and the rest of the week, we'll see, so we're expecting many more adventures, cook outs, smoothies, and late nights by the moon.


Anonymous said...

i was thinking about you guys, and wanted to say hi. i hope all is well. anyways, i hope talk to you soon.
- autumn