Saturday, February 24, 2007

[baby church speaks]

In his own words, our child speaks in the womb of his mother.
Last week was our first meeting with our specialist, Dr. Ann Church. For the first time we were able to hear our little baby's heart beat, and as the doctor declares, it's strong. The heart looked like the size of a [.] but it was pumping real fast, twice as fast than our hearts. Although he's the size of a peanut, he's growing faster now
than he ever will. Next week he will be the size of two peanuts. We're anxious to
get through these first tough months, but excited at the same time at the thought of being parents. Meanwhile, I often listen in to see what kind of commotion our little tike is making inside there, and I'll tell ya right now, that it seems like he's building something. If the baby's a girl, then, maybe she's playing hopscotch. Either way, the baby's active, and that's good. ... We go back in next week for another check up, so we expect to know more then. We can't wait for everyone to meet our little churchling.

The gender of the baby is currently unknown. For the sake of neutrality, "he" is used in reference to the baby, until further notice.

(7 weeks)


Anonymous said...

We can hardly wait!!!! :)
papa and meme Church

Dynamic Duo said...

thats a good lookin kid

Church Family said...

Hey, Good to see that all is well...we are praying for ya'll during this wonderful time. Talk to you soon.

kate goodell said...


katelyn said...

just beautiful.

Cassie said...

Holy crapoly! You should get that thing checked out. It looks serious ;)

I'm so excited for you two.

Anonymous said...

Cory, Congrats... When you worked at the preschool I always knew you would make a terrific dad. We will be praying.
Rebecca Vasold and Fam... : )