Wednesday, May 23, 2007

..loose green tea and a bonsai tree..

So I've decided we're officially slackers. It's true. It's been over 2 months since our last post and so much has happened! My goodness. Apologies to everyone... we'll make sure to work on that.

Wow... what a crazy few months it has been. Work, morning sickness, fantastic weather, more morning sickness, a quick trip to see Mom Church, a few little flutters in the tummy, and some great news all around. First I need to give a special shout out to my hubby. Cory has been a hero this whole pregnancy. I truly do not know how I could have managed without him. Such a blessing, that man. His little family just loves him dearly and he'll never know how much he has really done these past few months for me and baby. (Thank you honey!)

First great news... Mom (Tammie) had successful brain surgery to help her tremors. Praise the Lord!! We've all been praying lots these past few months, and all the prayers from so many came through. She's been such a trooper through it all and we just thank the Lord for having such a beautiful Mom like her in our lives. Keep her in your prayers as she heals up in these next few weeks and adjusts to life again. Know we love you Tam!

More great news... we had our 20 week ultrasound today! Baby is right on track with growth and is as healthy as can be. The little one shares a due date with Tammie's birthday... October 16th! We've been taking guesses on whether it was a boy or a girl. I've been thinking it's a girl... Cory thought it was a boy. We really didn't care either way... just excited to see the little baby. After a little waiting on a pair of legs to get out of the way... we found out its a BOY!! We both teared up as we saw the little guy rub his face and wave, ever so slightly. He's definitely working on his kicking skills, I can vouch for that. Cory is excited about the nice pair of soccer legs he has. Ha! Such an adorable little baby... we already love him more than life itself.

We're all doing amazing. Excited that the summer weather has hit and excited to be taking advantage of living in the Black Hills. Although, I'm afraid the days of rock climbing and backpacking may have to wait a season due to the over-sized belly emerging. Ha! Hopefully we'll be getting some pregnant pictures of us out and about here soon.

In the mean time... here's a few pictures of our little guy!


Church Family said...

This is so exciting for you guys. We are so happy, and we will need to make sure those cousins get together right? Love you guys

katelyn said...

oh my goodness, a boy! So exciting. you guys are going to raise such an awesome man. smiles.

dan and cheryl forbes said...
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dan and cheryl forbes said...

Congratualtions!! Any thoughts on a name yet?

Autumn said...

yeah, a little boy, such exciting news. i'm so very glad to hear everything is going well. so happy for you both, autumn.