Wednesday, February 07, 2007

the 3rd church

welcome baby church. sure he (or she) is the size of a green pea, but in a few weeks, a raspberry, then i assume an orange, then a while later, come mid october, the size of a new born baby. yes, it's true. if it isn't clear already, the churches are going to have a little baby church running around (give time for the actual "running around" part.) Shannon recently (very recently) surprised me with, quote, "the best valentines day present ever," and couldn't wait until the 14th to disclose the miraculous news to me, her sometimes clueless husband. the day of the news release was well spent in excitement and sharing the love with friends and family. and today is the actual public release (note the blog) as well as the continuance of the excitement. we want everyone to know so they can be praying with us for a healthy process with the baby, shannon, and myself. so...cue the stork.


katelyn said...

i am so excited for you guys! many prayers will be prayed. :)

Lissa and Nate said...

yah!! We're so excited for you guys! A new little church plant! ha ha!!
When is the due date? Keep us posted on the haps! We are both praying for you guys, your health, your new situations and we know that God will take care of all your needs. Much love,
the Forbes
(Lissa and Naters)

TwoMuths said...

happy happy! Congrats to you both!!

dan and cheryl forbes said...

27Congratulations!! Great news! We will be praying for you too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grandchildren
Your Grampa and Gramma
We are both so excited that we are going to be great grandparents again. We were just saying some time ago that we are lonesome for some more great grangbabys again and then we heard from you Mom that we are going to have two great grandbabys WHAT A BLESSING.We are praying for you Shannon that down the road your sickness will so be over and you will be able to enjoy the rest of your months of pregnancy.
We have been praying for you both and for your health May God Bless you Both and keep Leaning on the LORD. and he is our Body Guard
In God Love Grama and gramma Booth
Love you all Tell Shannon Folks Hi for us Please