Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Black was Back

Black. Dark. Day time Night.

3am rolled in early this morning as my warm body awoke to discover to my surprise that the bedroom fan had stopped. To my left, my wife lay still sleeping, quiet and unaware. To my right, the light which normally is emitted from the alarm clock had disappeared. As I felt my way out into the living room two conclusions ran through my mind: I had not paid the electrical bill or there was a power outage. The latter was correct as I found. However, it wasn't just absent in our apartment and not just in our building, but there was no electricity in over 4600 homes in NE Grand Rapids, as one of 4 consumers energy personnel we contacted reported to us earlier. Supposedly a truck jack knifed a post taking out the power for more than 16 and a half hours today.
Showers by candle light, ice blocks in the frig, uno attack by minimal, overcast sky light; loads of time laying around... these sorts of things kept us sane on this dark day as Shannon and I could only patiently await for the tired, wet men in cranes to apprehend the situation.
Not until now at 8 o'clock can I type these words trying to describe what kind of odd day we had. Strange and weird. But fun.

Shannon's family comes tomorrow from the southernest dakota land to visit for one whole week. We look forward to a most excellent time.


Anonymous said...

I am glad your experience with the lack of electricity was not while having guests--it would not reflect well on our fair state! We went to PA to see Nath and Lissa. Great weekend. I liked your pumkin carving--I have never done one as nice as yours!

Autumn said...

as odd as the day may have been, it's sounds like you enjoyed a peaceful day. good thing it's not the dead of winter... i hope you both are doing well. enjoy your week with the in-laws, cory. ;)