Sunday, October 08, 2006

In Home Pumpkin Carving Turns Out to Be Successful

October 8: Taking the scenic route over to 4mile, we park (with everyone else in NE Grand Rapids) at Robinettes Apple Haus and stand in the outrageously long line. Shannon holds our spot while I scoot over to pick the most perfect pumpkins for what was to be our very exciting carving back at the homestead. Finally, inside- we check out with some fresh cider donuts, a carmel apple, and 2 ideally round, dark orange pumpkins. Back home- a double layer of newspaper covers the kitchen table, knives laid out, and ... cheat templates printed ... Shannon and I make our first cuts. It is hard not to take a sneek peek at what she's working on at the other side of the table. I tell her not to look at mine. I believe the paring knife works the best, especially in the tight parts. An hour or so expires and its time for the revealing. A tea light is placed at the inside bottom of each lantern and the lights turned off. We check out what eachother has been carving all this time. An owl perched on a decrepit tree set in the forefront of a hallow's full moon shows Shannon's hard work and free hand styling. A classic yet moderately scary portrayal of the grim reaper cuts to the core of what I think a good halloween carving should look like.
And now- the pieces of work sit on the front porch, making sure to ward off any evil spirit (if thats what you believe) or they sit on the porch guaranteeing to promise good memories of a good time together .

From Cory and Shannon Church, here's to more successful memories.