Wednesday, August 26, 2009

goodbye summer...

Again we are slacking in the posting department. Mostly because everyone we know is on Facebook and can see pictures and updates on there. But let's be honest, a ton of our free time has been spent working on my NEW WEBSITE!! Yes, I officially have a Doula website! (Thanks to Cory who is amazing in all things TECH) Click this link to check it out.... And then after you see it, spread the word! Let all your friends and family know that you have a fantastic lead on information for labor support, and send them my way!

We've had a great summer, all in all. The kids are growing like crazy. Teagan is as lovely and sweet as ever. She's getting a lot more mobile and noisy. It's super precious. I still can't get over her red hair and bright blue eyes. She is a daddies girl to a tee. I mean, she is 100% absolutely in love with her daddy. She usually ends up in bed with us at some point during the night... and in the morning I awake with her cooing, rolled over, touching Corys face while he sleeps. ADORABLE. Melts my heart. Cian is becoming more and more of a little boy every day! His curly locks are finally growing back and he's well on his way to have his old hair back. We had someone call him "just a beautiful little girl" the other day? Bizarre. But whatever. I like his curls and won't be cutting them off again anytime soon. Unfortunately he's entering his terrible two stage. Sometimes I look at him and wonder where my sweet, easy going little boy has gone! Glimpses of his sweet self appear at times. It's trying, but we're trusting in the Lord that, 'This too, shall pass.'

Cory and I have had a lot on our hearts and minds these past few months. I can't go into detail at this moment, but am asking you all to pray for us and our little family! For wisdom, peace, provision and clarity in all that is on our plates. We'll probably post about it all soon, but until then... prayers are much appreciated.



kate said...

whos the pro photographer now!??? you, miss!!
these are great shot + i miss you all!

Ang Zickafoose said...

totally a great website! you go, girl!

have i mentioned lately how cute your kiddos are? your beautiful BOY and little girl? haha. people are so funny, calling Cian a girl. poor guy! and how annoying. :(
please don't say that Cian's going through the terrible two's! what you speak over him he will act out. how about the terrific two's?? (and three's, and four's) :) they go through lots of stages as they grow older and know that you still have your sweet boy underneath. :) by focusing on the terrific things about the two's and speaking positively over him, you both will be much happier!

luv you guys. my prayers are with you.

Shelley said...

You have a lovely family, and as a young family there are lots of challenges.

Meeting the family needs for one, being tired all the time two, and knowing the Lords direction which should be number one but becomes number 3 in a lot of cases.

I like what Cory has done with the websites, he has a gift for it.

As a business person I know the challenges of getting started and sticking to it, it takes a lot of work, time, and patience. It rarely happens over night. It takes years before you see results.

The best advice I can give in doing business is don't go in debt, grow slow, and give good service.

We've been in business for a long long time, we still work very hard, give good service and are trying to get out of debt as fast as we can.

Proverbs tells us that the debtor is servant to the lender.

Not a fun place to be.

I have no idea what your family is going threw but I pray for Gods direction for your lives.

Your little family blesses me a lot.
God Bless,

Shannon said...

Kate - Actually my sister took the first 4 photos. She's got a knack for it. :) We miss you too! We'll have to talk about another road trip down to see the Crem clan.

Ang - I totally agree. I was more venting to the online abyss. Cian actually is a really good kid. Just testing a tad bit more as of late, which is no fun. I'm sure his molars have a ton to do with it too. :) Loved seeing your pics of Zi on his first day to school! Such a honey, that boy!

Shelley - Thank you so much for all the encouragement, advise and prayers. It's crazy to think we've only met once at Nate & Lissa's wedding! I cherish our long distance friendship with you as well. I think we're kindred spirits. :)

Autumn said...

loving all the pictures! way to rock out to the eighties in the last one. too funny!

nate and lissa said...

loving the pictures