Saturday, May 03, 2008

Goodbye Summer. Welcome May Blizzard

I thought we were done with winter. As shannon last posted, we were in some tropical-like weather, but as of has all faded away. The last two days we were seriously and literally snowed in. Thankfully the entire family was together so rightly so there was plenty of good food and good movies to watch. You can see by the pictures below how bad it really was. The snow is so wet it makes great snowman snow and the neighbors built a quality igloo. Yesterday the storm passed, left us in a bit of turmoil with a lot of work to do, but it brought warm weather behind it. This week it'll be close to 70. It's mind boggling really. You have to be here to really experience the fullness of the climate.


memepapa said...

You need to move to Michigan!!!!!!!

katelyn said...

and I thought Michigan was crazy!

ps. I agree with the previous comment. :)

kate said...

we have had some springish snow.. a little half inch once in awhile. i am sorry you got a blizzard!!