Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Life Is Beautiful

Life has been a real blessing. Nearly everything is going as usual, yet Cian always seems to amaze us simply in way he discovers his voice, new movements, his surroundings, and people. He's such a good baby-we could not be happier. He usually spends his days with shannon and I at work, which is a massive blessing. He loves to push himself backwards in his crawler, roll around on the floor, look outside at all the moving cars, and of course laugh and make us laugh. He is so funny, as you will see in this short video. Also, for even more pictures, be sure to check out his web album by clicking the link below.

Cian's Web Album


memepapa said...

Absolutely funny. Dad and I laughed just as hard as Cian was. It is always good to go back and replay many times because it makes us laugh and smile again. Can't wait to hold the little guy. :)

Church Family said...

I love his chubby legs!! This is such a fun age and I can't wait for Cian and AJ to meet each other.

katelyn said...

this adorable child clearly has amazing parents! :)