Thursday, May 21, 2009

.. happenings and such..

Here we are, almost three months after our beautiful little Teagan was born... and not one new update. Obviously life is a little more busy than I had anticipated! Busy, but all completely worth it. I love my family.

Teagan. Words cannot even begin to describe what a joy she is to our home. Seriously. She has such a sweet little personality forming. Everyday she discovers more and more. So curious about everything and quick to give smiles. My heart about bursts with love as I sit here and think about her. I cannot get over how beautiful and perfect our little Tea (as Cory likes to call her) is. Cian absolutely adores her. He smothers her with kisses all the time. I'm SO thankful his transition with her has been so easy. It couldn't have gone any smoother.

I've got a ton more I'd like to write about... but it will have to be saved for later. Hopefully later won't be a few months away... but no promises! Ha! Until then, here are some pics of our little lady. Isn't she just the cutest?!