Sunday, November 09, 2008

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For lack of a better subject...It annoys me that everything requires a title or subject now... we usually just make something up - note my lame subject line - although shannon's are rather poetic...

the generals|
the snow has been falling, resulting in many people being snowed in, including us and the whole family. thankfully, we're finally out and enjoying lounging on the weekend. cian has been growing like a weed, right along with his sister who is around 10 inches long now. we're counting down from 3 1/2 months now and can hardly wait to have a little girl running around.

the specifics|
i was waiting around for almost a month for my new job at the high school to start. i trained in everything i could for my position as the computer lab tech. mounds of paperwork, medical checkups, transcripts, and ID pictures taken, and of course waiting...waiting for the school board to "approve" me for the position. I imagine all it is is a quick "here's a guy for the position of xxx, all in favor say "I" - "I."" Done. two seconds. they were supposed to meet last thursday night but that's when the colossal snow storm decided to hit-resulting in the postponing of said meeting and delaying it until possibly november 20th-another month. on top, i thought i lined up 2 weeks ago a weekend/"fill in the blanks" job at a local coffee shop, but that has yet to show any signs of becoming a reality. other concerns involve a state job i applied for last month and haven't heard anything from, the probability of returning to school, and the resulting financial hardships which have been effervescent as of late.
so i don't know what will happen with all these things, nor do pretend to know. in the instances when life is unclear and what each day brings is a new story unfolding, the questions amound. and when in the instance of these questions, the unfolding events of the day order themselves in a certain peculiar fashion, anyone who has been there before knows for certain that they unfolded just as they were intended to. little occurrences lived as major blessings.
more specifically and just the other day, the wife and i had a few errands to attend to. we were going to go the bank, go clean an office, then go to the store. (now all the while, we are in the midst of lingering jobs and needed income. we've been able to list a few household items for sale, but those things are usually guessing games.) before heading out, a couple came to purchase an item of ours, an item which we had up for sale for about 2 weeks with only a few calls but no serious inquires. an item, like the others, which we needed to sell. blessing number 1.
later that night we had church so we had just enough time to finish our running around then head to the gathering. we went to the bank, then to clean. getting the baby out of the car seat, i discovered his pants were soaked-as we learned later, from a mysterious leak in his sippy cup-thankfully not worse. being cold and pantless, the baby could not go shopping. we cleaned, then went home. upon entering our home, the resulting message on the answering machine led me to meet a lady who was interested in item #2. i had my doubts about it's sale for various reasons... but i was thankfully wrong. and a whirlwind later, we had 2 items sold and smiles on our faces. blessing number 2.

you see, i just got to thinking about the order of events for that day. did cian's pants get wet, because they were supposed to in order that we would not go shopping so that we would go home, get the message, meet the lady, sell the item AND have enough time to go to church? a simple little thing as wet pants leading to an instance where a stressed couple look to God in thanksgiving over providing in what may be a small way, but is felt as a colossal way? it provides the hope for tomorrow. by no means are we in the position of many hurting families in the world and in our own town...but every family has its times of stress and happenings such as these show God as the Great Provider. the order of events gives that knowledge that surely we will be taken care of, no matter how the times turn. just keeping that always in the foreground is needed when instances are not so blessed. that may be the true challenge.

we still wonder what will become of our career state. we still wonder what the outcome of all the waiting will be. but we still know that God is good, and i think i will end with that.


Shannon said...

I love my husband.

Tammie and Kevin said...

We are always praying for you kids!
Isn't it neat to see how GOD provides. Even with every little happening, like Cian's mishap, it shows that GOD is in control.
I love your guys a lot!

kate said...

hang in there. a job will come through. thanks for updating what's going on & praise god for blessings along the way!

Autumn said...

hang in the guys, things are sure to turn around. i can't believe in a little over 3 months your baby girl will enter the world. my how time flies! take care.