Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Time In the Yard

It's no surprise that Cian loves bath time, so it's also no surprise that he loves playing in the pool. To him it's just a big blue bath where he's joined by his cousins...and the "bath's" outside. What fun. Lately, the warmth's been on the increase and no better time than to play outside. We're looking forward to getting out more and enjoying the wilderness around us. Cian just keeps getting bigger...#1 tooth is in and the second on the way...he's developed into a super fast crawler, and little man who's trying to walk now, a funny baby, and great personality. We can't wait to meet his brothers and sisters.


memepapa said...

What a sweet looking boy and so big to be in a pool. The one picture looks like he has a little Mohawk. Cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cory & Shannon & Cain
Just got on your blog and seen where Cian was in the swimming pool he is getting so cute and big we sure miss our grand babys wish yous were closer so we could love on them. grtampa is feeling great again was a pretty sick granpa it ended up he had fluid around his Lungs so they put him on water pills and now he is really feeling great thanks for all your PRAYERS for him we love yous and miss you all Grampa & Gramma Booth Enjoyed your Blog