Wednesday, October 31, 2007

good times, real rhymez

These new times have been really good-and educational. The nights spent with Cian have been some of the best. New parental worries certainly have set in resulting in sporadic little baby cian breathing checkups during his 23 hour nap periods. :: Bath time is fun. Cian loves his head washed and pretty much he just loves to be touched. When he's fussy, we just rub his cheeks. He calms down. And of course he loves to be held. Such a baby. He's just starting to smile and laugh while he's awake but he's got smiling in his sleep down pat (as seen above or to the side or below (?)). :: Mom and Dad church have been out this week. Here they're seen loving on their new grandson. They've been awesome...helping everywhere. Mom even organized a thanksgiving dinner with the whole family Tuesday night- which was a huge success. We've been to Devil's Tower, Wyoming (as seen in the family pic with trees in the background); We ventured to Deadwood to visit the graves of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock and eat in Kevin Costner's restaurant. (No celebrities were sited.) :: And just today, pumpkins were carved with the help of Cousin Taylor. There is a cute baby cian pumpkin (knifed by mom and dad church), a classic face rendition pumpkin (carved by shannon and colored by Taylor), and a terrible looking, barely noticeable, samurai ghost pumpkin with black olive eyes (hacked up by me, cory). Tonight we wait for any treaters with a bowl full of candy (which we'll probably eat all ourselves). :: These times have been awesome as we celebrate our new baby's life.
Ok, I hear him whimpering. I better go...


Anonymous said...

Hi You All
Well how are you all doing with the new addition I bet yous are really enjoy him.
Things has change i bet now what time you had on your hands before are now taken up with the baby. I know yous are enjoying the new event as he will show yous many laughable times now. We always enjoyed all our kids. How is gramma doing I'm sure she is really enjoying her time there with you folks. Well give the baby a big hug for us love Ya Gramma and Grampa Booth

Lissa said...

You guys are super creative! Love the pumpkins...especially the one with glasses??