Thursday, January 04, 2007

long over due, but please forgive me if i act a little strange

::Christmas came to our home this year without any snow, but in its stead it brought cheer and good times. Both Shannon and I gave and received some wonderful presents. We each bought each other some stocking gifts and one main gift and then we each had drawn one family person to whom we would also hunt for a gift. Mom and Dad Gill parted with some lovely presents as well-as well they spoil us kids. We have been making much use of the new toys this year; we have been greatly blessed...with necessities and non-necessities alike.
::Yesterday was especially nice as Travis met Brian, I and Shannon at the range to fire off the new gifts at a couple of soda cans. A 44 and a 45 sure do too much damage to a few small tin cylinders.
::Everyday has been pretty nice for me for many reasons, including spending a lot of quality time laughing with Shannon, but also because my new playstation has been frequented, if you will. Shannon went all out this year, I will tell ya that much. Other than that it has been standard protocol, watching movies, eating, goofing off, and yes looking for jobs. Relaxing at most...
::Weather: Snow has held off most of this season except for this morning. We woke up to a blizzard of snow-man-making snow, but by mid afternoon much of it had dissipated. Like other parts of the country it has been like spring weather here.
::Traveling will be on our minds now. In less than 10 hrs we will heading to Orlando for a week and we are exceptionally stoked. We are aiming that it gets us ready to come back and hit the job market. We both have put in for some really nice jobs and we are anticipating that they turn up golden.
::Songs for a lover: Declared recently is the best song to date: Off the record "And Now That I'm In Your Shadow," the latest and greatest by soul warmer Damien Jurado, his poem and song "Montesano" out-does, and out-intrigues my heart more than any other song I have heard. In 3 minutes and 57 seconds, the only words spoken are
In a landslide / I can hear you... / Hear you walk away. But there is something about this song. It's currently on loop as I write this bit.
::Return: We'll be back to write more later, but for now, we're off...


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