Sunday, December 24, 2006

on the eve

today was nice. we got to continue our pattern of sleeping in, then when we got around, shannon and i decided to open each other's stockings. shannon gave me an awesome tool belt and a new hammer and tape measure- tools are my favorite. i also got some sweet socks and other apparel which i surely needed. shannon got alot of lotion from me, warm fuzzy socks and a home made handy craft from her's truly. [enter shannon] Yes. Cory was AMAZING and made me these fantastic coupons which I can redeem whenever I want! He definitely wins in best stocking stuffers ever. Ever. :) He also was great in dealing with me these past few weeks. I tend to be somewhat annoying when it comes to presents. I have many a patience... just not when it comes to surprises of any kind (including christmas presents). Finally today, we carried on a Church family tradition in opening the stockings the night before. I, being a new Church thought it somewhat different... but it's wonderful and satisfied my need to discover what treasures awaited in my cuteness stocking. I have the best husband. [enter cory] and i the best wife. we made food tonight- mary's amazing chicken wings and other goodies and i- a cheese ball. we went to a church service and then came home, snacked, watched tv and played games. tomorrow: christmas. hope every's having a great holiday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the tradition going. :) It is alwys fun starting your own traditions to.
Merry Christmas to you all. mom