Friday, August 11, 2006

happenings with an Oh

With everything going on and great happenings coming so soon, a lot is...well, happening. Last minute preparations, family biz, calls to make, a homestead to search and settle upon, and the gathering of belongings. I remember when I got slammed on the head with a hammer eariler this season. I got real sick, remember that. And a tick. And upon these I have empirical evidence that I may have contracted RLS. Luckily I obtained the leading meds for this disorder and its working like a charm. But what a freak thing. Yes me, the freak. Does it surprise you? So many "happenings" this summer. I can never forget moving half way across the country, getting engaged to a girl I "just met" and then marrying her, all in 3 months. Who could've seen it? All well, its been the great. I cant wait for the rest. ttyl


dan and cheryl forbes said...

Interesting--I never heard of RLS before. I bet that was a job getting a diagnosis. We willbe praying for you as the BIG DAY approached. We hope to see you both when you return to MI.

fate norbes said...

lissa might have that