Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Faster & Slower Usually Dont Go [Together]

August 25: Declares the official day of sweet warm sun and hands in hands tied with bows and harpsicords and antique lights from Target. Taping papers and stringing cream lace. Text on board with pictures and fancy corner decorations to give the overall appeal that extra flare. Choosing from flower stores and sugar cakes with little bows of buttercream fill. Organizing. Planning. Thinking. Being strong. Holding fast. Looking forward. Changing tides. Low and High.

So much yet undone. So much has gone. So much to come.
~ Sincerely Yours.


.s said...

best birthday a girl could ask for.

i love you.

Christina said...

Hey Cory, I'm not sure if you remember me. I believe we have freshman speech class together with Caleb Coston. Anyway I just wanted to say congratulations, and wish you tons of happiness as you embark on the incredible journey of marriage. :-)

Christina (Coronado)