Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tubing In Spearfish

Shannon and I tubed down Spearfish Creek today. It was greater than 90 degrees and partly cloudy. There were rapids, loads of rocks up the bum, scapes on the old legs, bruised heels, nearly lost flip-flops, and bundles of laughter. [Unfortunately the camera would have gotten wet and broken had we taken it, so here's a piture of the creek someone I dont know took.]


Shannon said...

Helmet, wet suits and some serious rear padding are needed for our next extreme tubing adventure. ;)
I had SO much fun! Let's do it again. Like tomorrow.

cory&shan said...

with extreme tubing, all others will be jealous

fate norbes said...

bum padding could also prove to be advantagous when being diciplined.

autumn said...

wanted to say hi.
and i am jealous to hear of all the fun you two are having.
stay safe, silly boy: all this adventure can be a bit dangerous. ;)

TwoMuths said...

I like your blog name, by the way.